Building Projects

Shavings & Sawdust Bunker

Pole Shed

August 2007 - begin shavings and sawdust bunker
One truckload, or 14 cubic yards of bulk shavings fills a little over one-half the bunker and lasts for 1 year.
After the first two winters using the bunker we added more railroad ties to the back, right side, and the front of the bunker to make it the same height all the way around. We also squared off the front and added a door. It holds just over 26 cubic yards.

On May 30, 2009 we took delivery of two truck loads (14 cu yd each) of shavings, which over-filled the bunker (we had to stomp it down to compress). The full bunker lasted two years, from the spring of 2009 through the spring of 2011.

. . . the best hunter.
January 15, 2011. The shavings bunker has been working out well and has held up pretty good for the first 4 years.

Three or four times a winter we pull the snow off the tarp with a snow roof rake.

Every two or three weeks we bring about 8 wheelbarrow loads of shavings into the barn. Generally we put 3 to 4 wheelbarrow loads into each stall.
Chance's stall.
Beginning our two-bay pole shed October 19, 2007 - poles cut and skidded up from our cedar grove.

Where we did not hit ledge, poles are set 54 inches deep (frost goes 4 to 5 feet deep).

Roof structure in place November 24, 2007.
Steel roof panels and ten-inch shiplap siding December 9, 2007.
In the Spring of 2008 we finished the work.

These pictures were taken in June 2008.

January 15, 2011 our pole shed is working out okay.

Inside we have the tractor, lawn tractor, lawn cart, manure spreader,

trailer, bush hog (behind the trailer), and a few tractor attachments.